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Hon'ble Chief Minister

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Hon'ble Deputy Chief

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Hon'ble Deputy Chief

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Abdul Nabi

Hon'ble Minister – Minorities
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Dr. Pravinkumar Deore, IAS
Chairman and
Managing Director

Pledge Loan

About Us

The farmer-friendly Corporation and its pro-farmer policies have been immensely benefiting the farming community. They avoid distress sale by availing pledge loan from the nationalized or scheduled banks pledging the negotiable Warehouse receipt they get from MSWC after depositing their produce, at a very economical rate. MSWC provides them storage space in its warehousing centres as 25% of the storage space are reserved for farmers. As the immediate requirements are met by way of pledge loan, the farmer can wait till the market price reaches the expected level.

Process Flow of Pledge Loan

1. Farmer On boarding & warehouse deposit

  • Farmer visits the warehouse with his crop for deposit.
  • Farmer/depositor fills Form no.06 of MSWC before depositing commodity.
  • Farmer also submits physical copy of his KYC documents at warehouse.
  • Warehouseman creates Depositors Account in the SAP system of MSWC.
  • SAP/Block chain generated warehouse receipt is issued to Depositor/Farmer. Warehouse receipt contains description of Material, weight, quantity of bags, quality of commodity and prevalent market rate of deposited commodity.

2. Loan Application/Procedure

  • If farmer depositor desires to avail a pledge loan against warehouse receipt, he chooses his bank, presents warehouse receipt to concern bank and applies for pledge loan.

3. Loan processing at Bank

  • Bank officers verifies the pledge loan application, KYC documents of the applicants and warehouse receipt.
  • After scrutinizing KYC documents and making due diligence of the eligibility of the applicant depositor approves pledge loan.
  • Before disbursing loan amount to the farmer depositor bank gets lien marked on the warehouse receipt by concern warehouseman. In some cases bank physically verifies the stock deposited in the warehouse.
  • After completion of the procedure loan amount is disbursed to the farmers bank account.

4. Loan Repayment & Delivery

  • Once loan is repaid by the borrower / farmer or a trader, the bank issues NOC to release bank lien on warehouse receipt.
  • After reliving a bank line depositor farmer/trader by paying warehouse charges can take delivery of the commodity stored in the warehouse or transfer the commodity on the warehouse receipt to third person merely by endorsement of the warehouse receipt.

Meanwhile in the warehouse, MSWC takes good care of the farm produce with the help of its well trained and experienced quality control staff. Even the stock is insured against the perils of natural and manmade hazards. Quite often, to match the requirement of the market and to command better price, the farm produce are required to be cleaned and upgraded. Keeping this requirement of the farmers in mind, MSWC has set up Cleaning and Grading Yards with packing facilities in strategically located centres across the State. Each such centre is equipped with grain analyzing laboratory and machinery. MSWC gives to the primary producer farmers a rebate of 50% on the basic warehousing charges.

The pledge loan facility using the Negotiable Warehousing Receipt issued by MSWC has been a resounding success among the farming and trading community. This can be gauged from the fact the during the period from April 2020 to March-2021 as many as 53937 Warehousing Receipts were pledged fetching pledge loans to the tune of Rs 1930 Crores. During this fiscal upto June-2021, pledge loan availed by farmers and traders community amounts to Rs 79.59 crores. The process of issuing e-NWR and grant of pledge loan is now a part of emerging information technology under block-chain.

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