Salient Features

• Widest Network Of Warehouses Amongst All Indian States - 193 Centres With more than 800 Godowns.
• Statutory Public Warehouse Keepers for Agricultural Produce Inputs & Stocks in its Warehouses.
• Constructed Capacity Over One Million MT. i.e. 15.73 Lakh MT (as on 31st March 2016)
• Fifty Eight Years Standing In Warehousing Business.
• National Productivity Award Winner For The last 7 Years.
• High Average Capacity Utilization - 79%.
• Warehouse Receipts Accepted By All Banks As Security For Financing.
• Warehousing Open To Individuals As Well As Organizations.
• Farmers Given Rebate In Warehousing Charges.
• A Shining Example Of Highly Efficient & Profitable Public Sector Undertaking.
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